Q: How is your approach different than anything I have experienced before?
A: Dr Herbold is trained in Functional Neurology and Clinical Nutrition, having certifications and licenses in both. At the Capital District Vitality Center, we take a professional science-based approach to helping people create the best therapeutic program based on their individual needs. We often look at the genetic template to find the stress that is creating the symptoms that bring our clients to us at the onset of care.

Q: What chronic conditions can you help with?
A: The list is virtually endless. The approach we take is to reveal the underlying stress that has created the symptoms the client is suffering with and address the source of that stress.

A good example which is common in our society is hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol). Cholesterol is not a bad thing. Eighty percent of cholesterol is manufactured in our liver. Diet is important to it’s good control, but genetics and stress are often the culprits in elevated cholesterol. What is often not discussed is the problems that arise from low cholesterol. Too little cholesterol can be just as big a health risk as too much. It’s like the story of the three bears: it needs to be just right.

We manufacture cholesterol as a source of hormone production. When we lower cholesterol too low we risk insufficient steroid hormone production with ill affects. Cholesterol is also an antioxidant. When we lower cholesterol too low we increase stress on all our tissues. Cholesterol is also a precursor to the production to Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). This little substance is critical to energy production. It feeds into what is referred to as the electron transport chain for ATP production. This is ENERGY. Our muscles, including our heart, are dependent on ATP production. It would make sense that muscle pain and even risks to heart function can be attributed to the underproduction of this critical nutrient. There is also new research which indicates low levels can create the environment for certain cancerous conditions.

Just from this one example we can see how a seemingly small factor that might otherwise go unnoticed could be the source of stress that results in the symptoms a client is experiencing. Our job at the Capital District Vitality Center is to uncover the real root of the problem – the underlying stress – and then address it accordingly.

Q: Why is your approach different?
A: We take a comprehensive assessment approach at the Capital District Vitality Center. Dr. Herbold will perform a complete functional neurological exam as well as Computerized Postureography, Heart Rate Variability and Electrical Bio-Impedance exams.

Our lab tests can include blood, urine, saliva, and sometimes stool testing. These in-house tools combined with our outside labs and our physical exam show us very accurately where your physiology is in real time. There is a large amount of other labs that we may choose to use but this is often our starting point. Remember, we always listen first. We do a comprehensive case history including a review of what has worked in the past as well as what has stopped working. This approach is the best way to get to the root of the problem and then allows Dr. Herbold to create your custom program with the best predictable results.

Q: Which in-house assessments can I expect during my first nutrition visit?
A: You first visit will include three dynamic, non-invasive, painless evaluations that identify your current state of health and help find the starting point of your path back to a healthy and vibrant life. You can learn more about these in-house evaluations on our Services page.

Q: What types of tools and technology do you use?
A: We are committed to bringing you the best therapies available on the market today. Our office uses cutting-edge technology for both chiropractic care and nutritional services. For more information about the the tools and technologies we use, please visit our Services page.

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  • A year ago today a very itchy/stingy patch appeared on my upper arm near my armpit. Over a two week period the ‘rash’ crept to my other arm and to my chest and my back, and was absolutely unbearable by mid-December. I went to my GP – desperate for a diagnosis and treatment. I noted to ...
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  • I have been a patient of Dr. Herbold’s for many years now and have always been impressed with the professionalism and compassion of the office staff that never waivers. They try to accommodate their patients’ schedules and needs, going the extra mile. Also, Dr. Herbold listens to his patient...
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  • Dr. Herbold and Beth are great! They are very knowledgeable, helpful and responsive to both my son and I. Our experience with using their Neurofeedback system has been very good. I am most appreciative of Dr. Herbold’s holistic approach on the importance of nutrition, exercise, etc. as part of our...
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