Chiropractic Care

Dr. Herbold is a licensed chiropractor and a board-eligible chiropractic neurologist. Chiropractic neurology is an in-depth study of the nervous system. To be board-eligible as a chiropractic neurologist one must complete hundreds of hours of postgraduate training. Dr. Herbold is one of few within the profession who proudly holds this status.

A well-trained chiropractic neurologist not only completes a thorough neurological examination to rule out any pathology, but also determines the problem area(s) in order to create a customized neurological program for each patient. This program may include specialty tools as complex as interactive metronome (see description below) or as simple as nutritional supplements. Dr. Herbold uses specific tools in conjunction with regular chiropractic adjustments to help facilitate a connection in the brain to create a long-lasting change.

Nutritional Services

As a board-certified clinical nutritionist with over 30 years of medical experience and continual education, Dr. Herbold is pleased to offer a unique and well-rounded approach to patient care which features many cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Herbold specializes in physical tools and customized nutritional programs that are based on functional laboratory testing as needed to ensure a customized program for your unique needs.

It is Dr. Herbold’s specialty to help those who have been dismissed by conventional approaches and declared hopeless. Many times our in-house evaluations are sufficient to start your program. However, careful deliberation is taken after your comprehensive physical and nutritional examination to determine what outside testing, if any, will be needed to discover the root cause(s) of your health problems. The more complex the problem, the more unique functional evaluations are pursued in order to uncover the elusive causes. On the other hand, some patients will consult our office for the specific purpose of achieving optimal wellness through natural health care. Whatever your situation, we invite you to visit us and discover a different science-based approach to natural wellness.

All of our nutrition patients begin their program with our new patient visit package, a series of two visits over the course of two weeks. Please see the starred items below for more information on the in-house testing included with these visits and contact us for more information about scheduling your appointments.

Brain Mapping & Neurofeedback

Brain Mapping, using QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalography), measures electrical activity in the brain. Neurofeedback is a form of operant conditioning which uses that electrical information to deliver complex audiovisual stimulation to train the brain back to a normal state of functioning. Patients of all ages who suffer from a variety of symptoms including anxiety, depression, migraines, insomnia, chronic pain, and more have shown improvement after undergoing neurofeedback treatments. We encourage you to contact our office for more information on this breakthrough therapy and the treatment packages we offer. You can also find more information, including patient testimonials, here.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (P.E.M.F.)

The P.E.M.F. is a revolutionary magnetic cellular repair and exercise therapy. This device has the capability to expel cellular waste, increase circulation, help nutrient absorption, reduce pain and inflammation, stimulate tissue healing, strengthen bones, relieve injury and fatigue, support neurotransmitter balance, reduce stress, increase relaxation and help people achieve a deeper, more restorative sleep.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) agency has invested millions into using pulsed magnetic therapies with overwhelming success. Here is a very informative article detailing NASA’s discoveries on the power of using this treatment for many applications of healing.

MLS Laser Therapy

The MLS Laser or cold laser therapy is the use of specific light wavelengths to treat chronic and acute pain, inflammation and otherwise debilitating medical conditions. When the photons (basic light particle) enters a damaged cell, it proceeds to stimulate that cell’s activity. This process helps to reduce pain in that specific area and increase recovery speed of those damaged cells. Our laser is a Class IV Cold Laser and offers pain-free treatment with no threat to tissue damage, unlike some other laser types.


The Back-on-Trac is an intersegmental spinal traction machine. With time and age, all joints in the body start to degenerate, especially with disease or injury. The extent of joint deterioration is dependent on how many injuries we’ve suffered and how poorly we’ve maintained our musculoskeletal system with (or with a lack of) exercise and nutrition. Back-on-Trac helps to mobilize our arthritic and degenerative levels in our spine that contribute to various health issues – not to mention is a very relaxing experience and always a patient favorite.


Trigenics® is a neuromuscular technique that qualifies the connections between muscles and the brain. When muscles are too shortened or weakened, the feedback from the muscle to the brain becomes inappropriate (ie. Pain, cramps, weakness). Trigenics® reintroduces the brain and abhorrent muscles that are not functioning properly.

To learn more about this technique, visit the official Trigenics® website.


The Rebuilder® is a device that generates a specific frequency, 7.85hz, the same  frequency at which nerves fire. The advantage of using such a device is that we can fire the nerves (small and large diameter fibers) that have been lost when people express peripheral neuropathy.

To resolve neuropathy successfully, one must repair the nerves and receptors (specific sensory endings in feet) that fire to the portion of the brain that processes that information. People with peripheral neuropathy have lost the clear picture from the end organ (receptor) through the nerves that carry information, ultimately stimulating the brain.  The ill-effect of this process can be compared to listening to a radio station but not being quite tuned in. The noise or static you would experience in that scenario becomes the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Bio Impedance

The Bio Impedance device measures your progress metabolically. We can watch the changes your body is making in fat loss, muscle growth, and hydration. This gives us the ability to make better decisions in regards to your personalized program and gives you the ability to experience better results faster. You can learn more about Bio Impedance testing here.

Heart Rate Variability

The Heart Rate Variability test is a 7-minute comprehensive stress analysis that measures the variable space between heart beats to measure the health of key nervous system components. This is a test that helps to reveal the true health of an individual. You can learn more about Heart Rate Variability testing here.

Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome is an assessment and treatment tool for patients who suffer from deficits in cognitive and motor functioning. It can be used to improve attention, coordination, language processing, reading and math skills, and impulse control. You can learn more about Interactive Metronome here.


The CAPS machine is the gold standard for predicting susceptibility to falls with aging patients. It also allows us to create neurological programs which develop postural muscles in patients of all ages. This is an important factor for a longer and more independent lifestyle. You can learn more about Posturography here.


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Patient Reviews

  • Richard Herbold is topnotch, and has helped me over several decades! A gifted healer might be a rarity. I have always felt privileged to receive his adjustments to target whatever is blocked or out of place. Immediate relief is always noted....
  • Long story short, after a year and a half of countless doctor visits to try to figure out what was wrong with me (couldn’t move my joints, extreme pain and swelling, ect….) I was told I had RA and would be on methotrexate for the rest of my life. I went to Dr. Herbold to get his opinion. Wit...
  • A year ago today a very itchy/stingy patch appeared on my upper arm near my armpit. Over a two week period the ‘rash’ crept to my other arm and to my chest and my back, and was absolutely unbearable by mid-December. I went to my GP – desperate for a diagnosis and treatment. I noted to ...
  • When I wrote previously, I was beginning a 24 session program of trigenics….combined with three additional therapies twice weekly. At the time, I was experiencing extreme exhaustion when completing the smallest of tasks…due to spinal stenosis and numbing. I was having back pains, shoulder is...
  • When I first came in, I had to walk with a cane, or a walker because I was so off-balance. My feet were so numb. And my legs always felt dead or heavy. As I started going through the treatments, a lot of my feeling started coming back. Where before I couldn’t bend my toes, lift my leg, climb stair...
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Herbold’s for many years now and have always been impressed with the professionalism and compassion of the office staff that never waivers. They try to accommodate their patients’ schedules and needs, going the extra mile. Also, Dr. Herbold listens to his patient...
  • Thorough, knowledgeable, professional, personable. I had a very top notch experience here for my first appointment. The fifth star in the rating will be earned by results which I am confident will come. What a refreshing experience to spend time with a fellow practitioner who thinks outside the box as I...
  • Dr. Herbold is helping me with my weight, which has not budged in spite of being a nutritionist myself. His blend of scientific knowledge, clinical experience so he can sense exactly what the next steps are, compassion and humor are helping me. At last, someone who can heal this healer (me)!...
  • Dr. Herbold and Beth are great! They are very knowledgeable, helpful and responsive to both my son and I. Our experience with using their Neurofeedback system has been very good. I am most appreciative of Dr. Herbold’s holistic approach on the importance of nutrition, exercise, etc. as part of our...
  • I have known Dr. Herbold for 11 years now. He is a wonderful doctor, a trusted confidant, and a wonderful human being. He has helped me and my family many many times with health related needs. Dr. Herbold is very compassionate — a great teacher and mentor. We are so fortunate to have someone of hi...