Carpal Tunnel

In a previous health article I wrote, we went through the mechanics of carpal tunnel syndrome; the anatomy and the physiology, and now I am going to talk a little bit about the treatment protocols. When someone has carpal tunnel syndrome, the first thing to understand is where the entrapment is coming from. Knowing where the problem is coming from will determine how we address it as far as treatment protocols. We talked a little bit about the anatomy, of the median nerve coming out of the neck, or the possibility of someone’s carpal tunnel syndrome being affected by Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, in particular if they have an extra rib or if they have some muscular contributions or tensions. Entrapment of the nerve can also be attributed to a shoulder, elbow, arm or wrist problem – or a combination of the aforementioned.

What I do in my office is something called Trigenics®, a very interesting neuromuscular technique in which we look at the contributions of all the muscles that could be entrapping the carpal tunnel itself. Trigenics® reintroduces how the muscles and the nerves coming from the spinal cord and the brain affect the contribution of the endpoint itself, which in this case is carpal tunnel. When we do Trigenics®, we always treat the neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Now someone might say, “Well, that does not make any sense if the pain is just coming from the wrist.” Frequently what I see in my office is the case where it is not necessarily just coming from the wrist, even when there may be an existing pathology there which needs to be treated. Oftentimes it is also a contribution of all the other areas, like the shoulder and the neck, that are causing the compression of the carpal tunnel itself.

Beyond Trigenics®, we also have some pretty incredible tools for resolving inflammation and for healing. We have a 25-watt Class IV cold laser that has incredible penetration for pain and inflammation. The laser also regenerates the nerves themselves from a healing perspective. Another tool we use is something called pulsed electromagnetics. PEMF as it is referred to, is incredibly helpful for edema, inflammation and regenerating normal nerve function.

We also incorporate a piece of technology in our treatment protocol called the Hako-Med. The Hako-Med is the leading bioelectric medical device which is used to treat pain chronic conditions. This device also has the ability to increase circulation and regenerate cells through stimulation of mitosis. Mitochondria is the portion of the cell itself that generates energy. Mitochondria are incredibly high in concentration in muscles and nerves.

These tools are all incredibly helpful for regenerating the nerves, increasing their ability to contribute to the healing process itself.

Ultimately, my board certification in neurology allows me to look at the contribution of the carpal tunnel to the brain. There’s a motor strip in the front of the brain itself which controls motion and then there is a parietal lobe of the brain which has to do with the sensory input.

The ill effects of having a nerve condition like carpal tunnel actually changes how the brain fires out to the nerve and how that sensor or the receptor in the hand fires back into the brain. It changes not only the motor cortex of sending messages but it also changes the sensory cortex.  There are little pictures or maps in our brain and when we do not use something successfully the map is reorganized.

As part of the treatment in dealing with things either chronic, or even acute, we actually do the neurological work to clean up the mess in the brain from the area that is not working successfully. We always take a metabolic perspective, looking at someone’s labs, performing an examination and we make sure there are no underlying issues that may be causing symptoms.

A lot of people are walking around with unexposed dysglycemic situations. What I mean by that is they could be moving toward diabetes or insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition that precedes diabetes, chronic anemias and vitamin D deficiencies as well. There is a lot that can be assessed by looking at a laboratory from what we call functional ranges. Functional ranges refer to tightening the labs up by 20% and looking at the efficiency of how your body is functioning, instead of just looking for a pathology at the very end of the spectrum.



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