Clinical Nutrition


Clinical nutrition is a passion that Dr. Herbold has had for most of his career in healthcare. After graduating from Chiropractic College in 1980, it soon became clear that a purely structural approach for a mass majority of the people being treated was woefully insufficient as far as care was concerned.

A more naturopathic type of an approach to nutrition became the model that he began to embrace. When you look at nutrition styles, clinical nutrition is different from general nutrition found in most conventional care offices. In clinical nutrition, the goal is to find the underlying issues metabolically and then match it up with nutritional lifestyle, including neutraceutical approaches.

Nutraceuticals are vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathic remedies. All of these tools are designed to help to support and nurture the healing process of the body.  When someone has a problem, especially a chronic problem, there is usually an underlying issue. Typically, there is some type of genetic predisposition, which is modified by the choices that we make on a day to day basis.

The expression of the genetic code that we all inherently are born with can be modified by the thoughts that we think, the foods that we eat, and the motions our bodies perform on a day to day basis. This is oftentimes a revelation for a lot of people. The reality is that the expression of the genetics that we were born with is something within our control mechanism. You can have really lousy genetic information that you are born with and live a very long and good quality of life by figuring out what it is that your body needs to resonate at a higher level.

Clinical nutrition is really the quest of excellence; to figure out what is the best template that you can employ on a day to day basis to take the genetics that you are born with (ie. the chromosomes and the information), and make it express itself in an optimal fashion.

So clinical nutrition based on laboratory evaluation, physical examination and lifestyle evaluation, is part of what Dr. Herbold does on a day to day basis to encourage the body to heal at the most rapid rate or to maintain itself at an optimal level.

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