Inflammatory Solutions


Chronic inflammation is one of the biggest global challenges in the current healthcare system; it is the background noise for how physiology breaks down and relates significantly to chronic health problems. Technically, inflammation is a response to a stimulation. The question is, what is the stimulus? The signaling of a cytokine, called NFKB, is the bodies’ way of turning on it’s protective mechanism. The real question at hand is why did the body create inflammation as a response to this stimulus?

It would be simple to say that taking an anti-inflammatory has solved the problem, unfortunately that’s never the case. People who continue to take anti-inflammatories without relief, are the perfect example of a failed attempt to cure the root problem. Chronic inflammation can be due to numerous mechanisms such as blood sugar dysregulation, chronic unresolved infections, anemias and methylation defects, to name a few. Oftentimes, these underlying mechanisms are routinely dismissed in the current healthcare system.

Dr. Herbold’s unique approach with patients suffering with chronic inflammation is to create a personal lifestyle program that globally addresses all the reasons that inflammation is there to begin with, and to help them to be consistent, over a long enough period, to repair the damage.

In addition to utilizing Dr. Herbold’s unique “fuel in – toxins out” approach to health, as well as his vast knowledge and experience in clinical nutrition, we also use a multitude of high tech to go along with Dr. Herbold’s high touch in fighting chronic pain and inflammation. Learn more about our cutting edge, inflammation fighting technologies below.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

Using RJL software to measure muscle, fat and fluids and compare to a database of individuals of a similar age and activity level, this serial test allows an insight on a visit by visit basis into the physiological changes in the body of an individual over time. Learn more about BIA at their official website here.

Heart Rate Variability

This is a test used to measure the balance of your autonomic nervous system (gas pedal and brake pedal) or how your body responds to stress as well as athletic capacity. This outcome marker gives us a baseline as a beginning point that we remeasure in three months to guide any changes that are made in a personal program. Learn more about heart rate variability testing and what it can do for you with this helpful article here.

Comprehensive Assessment of Postural Systems (C.A.P.S.)

The CAPS machine is the industry standard for computerized vestibular posturography for fall prevention. This is a clinical tool that allows us to identify those at risk for fall, as well as to identify center of pressure, which relates to direction of a possible fall. CAPS also qualifies the percentage of risk for falling. Balance problems and dizziness can also be the first signs of other health problems such as anemia, degenerative neurological disorders, traumatic injury, infection, diabetes, peripheral vascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension and hypotension. Learn more about the CAPS system at the manufacturer’s website here.

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