Our Unique Approach

Fuel In - Toxins Out

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Your body, including your mind, is the engine of your life. Like any engine, the efficiency of that engine is a byproduct of fuel in, and toxins out. In the same way that the quality of fuel we feed our car’s engine greatly affects its performance and ability to get from point A to B. The quality of fuel that we feed the engine of our body, and mind, is critical when it comes to our overall health, energy, and accompanying quality of life. After all, if you don’t have the engine of your physical and mental health running optimally, the vehicle of the quality of your life can only take you so far..

Additionally, if the “exhaust system” of your body’s ability to cleanse itself from inevitable ingested and environmental toxins isn’t operating at full capacity, it doesn’t matter what grade fuel you use because toxic buildup will inhibit your body’s ability to operate efficiently, eventually causing a “breakdown” on the side of the road of life. When we have poor quality of fuel going in, and/ or waste (toxins) not processing out, this causes a physical breakdown that produces a group of symptoms traditional medicine labels as disease, or “dis-ease.”

Our Process:

1. Identify Root Cause and Key Stressors to Physiology

  • Review case history
  • Heart rate variability
  • Bio Impedance Analysis
  • Individualized functional laboratory assessment

2. Repair and Educate

  • Establish clear, realistic patient goals
  • Identify patterns within the body that the patient needs to learn to recognize and manage
  • Educate patient on the role of real food, blood sugar regulation, elimination and detoxification in the healing process
  • Nutraceuticals; laboratory grade nutrients, pharmaceutical foods and herbal supplements tailored to the individual needs of the patient
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes

3. Optimization

  • Consistency and accountability are key to continued success and wellbeing
  • Periodic labs to monitor optimal body chemistry

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