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Hello, I’m Dr. Richard Herbold and I’d like to personally welcome you to my practice, Capital District Vitality Center. 

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is a passion that Dr. Herbold has had for most of his career in healthcare.

Chronic Inflammatory Solutions

Chronic inflammation is one of the biggest global challenges in the current healthcare system; it is the background noise for how physiology breaks down and relates significantly to chronic health problems. 

Brain Health

The brain is a greedy organ. It uses a large percentage of fuel that the body takes in, to function normally. 

New Patient Center

Considering becoming a patient of ours? Find Out About Our Unique Practice and Dr. Herbold

Meet Dr. Herbold

Dr. Herbold is a dual board-certified chiropractic neurologist and clinical nutritionist with over 38 years of chiropractic experience and continual education.

Our Unique Approach

Your body, including your mind, is the engine of your life. Like any engine, the efficiency of that engine is a byproduct of fuel in, and toxins out. 


At Capital District Vitality Center, we only recommend the highest quality nutriceuticals to our patients.


Thanks again for visiting Capital District Vitality Center, where we always strive to make the patient experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

See What Our Patients Are Saying

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Herbold's for many years now and have always been impressed with the professionalism and compassion of the office staff that never waivers. They try to accommodate their patients' schedules and needs, going the extra mile. Also, Dr. Herbold listens to his patients' stories and sees so much more, in my opinion, than a lot of medical professionals. I can be sure that I will be heard, and will actually work WITH someone to create a proactive plan to take care of my health and see results.

    - Daysha G. Show More
  • Thanks to Dr. Herbold, for the first time since June 1975 (when I was seventeen and had my first migraine my last day of school and threw up in the restroom) I have gone over a month without a migraine. Also thanks to Dr. Herbold, for the first time since it was available over the counter in the 1990s, I have gone over a month without having to take Imitrex. I had been to neurologists, participated in medical trials, gone through acupuncture - you name it. Dr. Herbold’s plan for me included explaining how inflammation caused my migraines and how it had other effects on my body. He provided me with comprehensive lab results and guided me with an eating plan that WORKED. His knowledge of the body is unsurpassed and I would recommend anyone who suffers from these horribly debilitating migraines to get treated by Dr. Herbold.

    - Maria S. Show More
  • I have walked into Dr. Herbold's office unable to straighten up and walked out pain-free. He's helped me heal from Lyme Disease and stay free of immune-modulating drugs for my ankylosing spondilyits, a serious autoimmune condition affecting the spine. What most people don't understand are the many limitations of mainstream medicine. Functional medicine doctors like Rich Herbold give you tools to change your EPIGENETICS ---- those choices we make that influence the expression of our unique genetic inheritance. As a physician, a former nurse, and a patient, I can recommend Dr. Herbold WITHOUT reservation.

    - Susie R. Show More
  • My first visit with Dr. Herbold was many years ago. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my 20's. I refused to be a slave to the drugs prescribed and decided to start the changes in diet and lifestyle Dr. Herbold encouraged. We successfully beat the sentence or diagnosis, depending on how you see it, and started my journey in natural health. I later found great council with my fertility issues and now enjoy my 2 girls - happy and healthy miracles. My second daughter suffered terribly with reflux and wound up on prescriptive reflux medication in her first few months of life.  With Dr. Herbold's council, we turned the problem around in weeks with total resolution. It was an enormous relief to our family. Finally, I am not without my challenges, but my quality of life is so much better when I stay on my custom program. He has helped our family make huge changes. Thanks Dr. H!

    - Amy N. Show More
  • Long story short, after a year and a half of countless doctor visits, to try to figure out what was wrong with me (couldn't move my joints, extreme pain, and swelling, etc....) I was told I had RA and would be on methotrexate for the rest of my life. I went to Dr. Herbold to get his opinion. Within three months of his treatment and guidance I was, and still am-2 years later, completely symptom-free. I'm so grateful for his help, I wouldn't have the quality of life I do without him!

    - Melanie L. Show More
  • I have known Dr. Herbold for 11 years now.  He's a wonderful doctor, a trusted confidant, and a wonderful human being.  He's helped me and my family many many times with health-related needs. Dr. Herbold is very compassionate -- a great teacher and mentor.  We are so fortunate to have someone of his caliber in our area. Thank you to Dr. Herbold and his staff for all the wonderful service!

    - Martin G. Show More
  • If you're having a problem, do yourself a favor and visit Dr. Herbold; he is simply AMAZING -- the most competent, knowledgeable, attentive Doctor I've ever known! And at all times the consummate professional. Additionally, his office manager is a delight and makes each experience a pleasure!

    - Rena W.
  • Dr. Herbold is an excellent doctor. He is helping me heal and understand every detail of my issues with my thyroid, health and recovery. After few months on his protocol to recover my health I've greatly improved and feel energized again. I highly recommend him!

    - Sandra S.
  • Dr. Herbold is helping me with my weight, which has not budged in spite of being a nutritionist myself. His unique blend of scientific knowledge and clinical experience helps him to sense exactly what the next steps are. At last, someone who can heal this healer (me)!

    - Suzanne C.

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