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Hello, I’m Dr. Richard Herbold and I’d like to personally welcome you to my practice, Capital District Vitality Center. Where our difference is our unique “fuel in – toxins out” approach to maximizing health and wellness. An approach that’s been honed in and proven successful over my now 38 years of practicing natural medicine as a certified clinical nutritionistfunctional neurologist, and licensed chiropractor.

Throughout my decades of medical experience in dealing with some of the most difficult and unique cases out there, I’ve learned that unlike the approach of traditional medicine where symptoms are treated as the problems themselves (usually with an endless prescription of drugs), that symptoms aren’t actually what should be directly addressed in order to improve someones health condition. Rather, symptoms are like a trail of breadcrumbs that once followed correctly, will lead you to the foundational root cause of those symptoms and thus the real problem at hand to be directly addressed. What I’ve also discovered is that improper nutrition is usually the primary root cause of most chronic health conditions, and that proper nutrition, uniquely customized for the individual patient, is also usually the solution to achieving the health, wellness, and vitality that we all desire and deserve.

Learn more about myself, my practice, and unique approach in this short video:

At Capital District Vitality Center we always want to make the patient experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible, even when browsing our website. Which is why we’ve put together this list of resources that new patients will hopefully find helpful when navigating our site:

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